Ecology Group Srl is an organization of people which was founded with the belief to be alble to improve the quality of the territory and the welfare of its families and firms, developing compactors and technologies for the collection, recycling and recovery of waste such as plastic, cardboard and glass.

Save money while saving the environment

Sustainable development, environmentally responsible companies, savings for families and for environment are a genuine passion for the group Ecology. To improve the quality of the territory and the welfare of families and firms, Ecology designs, manufactures and sells waste compactors and technologies for environmental savings which can reduce the costs of disposal and recycling up to 80 times.

The strategic objectives of Ecology Group (waste compactors and technologies for environmental savings)

Ecology was founded to develop products and technologies with low or no environmental impact, which are able to improve the ecological footprint of our cities and the quality of life of people who live there. Manual compactor or low consumption compactors, safe and easy to use, for industrial, commercial and residential use, they save time and money, improving waste management, disposal and recycling.

Waste collection, recycling and recovery: the Law Decree 152 2006

The complex socio-economic changes, globalization, the growing attention of countries and institutions towards environmental issues, have lead the concept of sustainability to the forefront: according to it, it is possible to talk about true development when human activities produce wealth without damaging environment and society, indeed contributing to their improvement.

Nevertheless, the production of waste continues to increase and its size is a serious problem because it reduces the living space and makes environment unhealthy and disfigured. Ecology Group develops sustainable solutions to help solve these problems, increasing the value of areas, making them larger and more suitable to people's lives.

Ecology Group Srl came from this wonderful idea and, today, it is extremely concrete in creating technologies which can satisfy the need and the right of citizens to live in an environmentally sustainable way.