ECO is the ideal crusher for the disposal of bottles, cans, glasses and any other type of glass object.

80 bottles in the space of a box, the volume reduced by 90%, with ECO the collection, transport and disposal of glass are easy and cheap.

ECO is a versatile tool: thanks to its low power consumption and its small size, it can be
easily used to improve the management of spaces and contain the costs of disposal.

ECO is a CE marked product, it is entirely made of stainless steel and equipped with safety devices.


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Thanks to its small size, ECO can be easily positioned alongside other appliances, inside a cabinet, near the area of recyclable waste and helps you in the collection.

ECO is comfortable and easy to use: Designed for hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars, canteens, hospitals, clinics and naval supplies, its natural use is for domestic and residential purpose too.


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Dimensions 36cm x 42cm x 97,5cm
Operation Electric
Electrical connection
Single-phase (230V 50Hz)
Rotation speed
1'500 rev/min
Controls 24V buttons with protruding stop
Safety devices
24 Volt Control unit
3 safety micro on hopper
carousel and collection tank
Power 230W
Time of crushing 3 seconds (1 bottle)
Structure Stainless steel
Internal Carousel Stainless steel
Crushing group Stainless steel
Weight 35 Kg