Nowadays, a company which wants to grow and overcome the crisis has to be able to make better use of its resources and keep every single cost under control.

The management of the waste is often left to chance: the staff spends part of his time for stacking and storage, bulky waste hinder movements, the loading and unloading operations disturb the work, the costs of disposal are high.

Packaging, plastic, nylon, scraps, cuttings, bags, paper, cardboard and scrap materials can thus become a problem.

Designed to manage the waste, Ecopressa is the ideal solution which allows the company to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of business processes.


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ECOPRESSA offers you many advantages:
sanitation costs reduction, transportation costs reduction, general expenses reduction, reduced number of emptying, better hygiene and management of the waste, reduction of costs related to the rate of urban hygiene.

It tears costs down. Immediate benefits.
With Ecopressa, business efficiency and staff management improves, environment stays clean and tidy, you can reduce the number of mobile containers and the number of emptying and decrease costs associated with waste taxes.

- Up to 6 additional chambers for compression
- Cans compressing base


Ideal For:


Volume occupied by waste:




Dimensions 66cm x 172cm x 196cm

Sice of the compacting chamber

50cm x 70cm x 80cm
Operation Pneumatic operation through control levers and hand loading
with automatic return of the pressing surface
Working pressure
6-8 bar
Safety devices
Compacting part alignment’s verification system
Noise < 70 Db
Weight 420 Kg ca.
Pressing cicle
60 seconds
Number of chambers
Maximum thrust
4 tons
Standard equipment
Compressed set extraction and handling trolley
pressed materials locking device
self-leveling ends
Inspection window
Fast compaction cycle
Bales fastening Manual, eased by a two track system, with strap or wire
Treated kind of waste
Paper, cardboard, recycled plastic, cans, aluminum, scrap,
packaging, bags, waste materials
Accessories Multiple chambers after the second
Cans compressing base
Maintenance Minimum routine maintenance
Bales Weight (approximate) Paper 110-130 kg
nylon 120-140 kg