Ghost is the professional waste compactor projected for your business.

Plastic, nylon, dry waste, paper, cardboard, Ghost reduces the volume of waste and meanwhile cuts costs and taxes to pay.

Using Ghost you release resources which can be invested in a more productive way: working hours usually dedicated to space cleaning and waste collection and disposal, transport cost and, if you pay for every emptying, you spend only 1/3.

Ghost reduces up to 80% the volume of waste materials.
Thanks to its unique technology, GHOST allows you to reduce the number of bins used in the company, the number of emptying and the cost of disposal.


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GHOST offers you many advantages:
sanitation costs reduction, transportation costs reduction, general expenses reduction, reduced number of emptying, better hygiene and management of the waste, reduction of costs related to the rate of urban hygiene.

Ideal for:




Dimensions 78cm x 59cm x 184cm
220V 50 Hz
Safety devices

24 V control unit
3 safety micro on the hopper
carousel and collection tank

Compaction force
300 - 600 Kg
Capacity 120 liters gmt container
Weight 300Kg
Bins capacity 120liters (standard bin)
135 liters (openable bin)